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Auto Suspension

Potholes, cracks in the pavement, rocks and bumps are the nightmare of every vehicle owner experiencing auto suspension problems. L’Autopital de Repentigny Inc. specializes in auto suspension repairs that improve its clients’ driving experience.
Suspension repair Repentigny

The Importance of an Auto Suspension

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An auto suspension not only ensures passenger comfort, but it also serves as a link between other auto systems, such as the frame and the wheels. The auto suspension also includes shock absorbers that diminish the vehicle’s sensitivity to bumps on the road.
    Furthermore, when the auto suspension is impaired, the steering system is affected as well. It then becomes more difficult to control the vehicle. In addition to this, the tires start to show unusual wear. It is therefore essential that you have the auto suspension repaired before it becomes too damaged and needs to be replaced.

Auto Suspension Repair

If you notice a problem with the auto suspension, drop by our auto centre for a complete inspection of your vehicle. Our team will determine if the problem originates in the suspension system itself, or if it is a result of another defective system. We will then present you with the repair options available to you so that you can make an informed decision. In some cases, a simple repair might resolve the issue, while other more serious situations might require a complete replacement of the auto suspension.
In all cases, L’Autopital de Repentigny Inc. will perform the appropriate repairs on your auto suspension, whether it is conventional or electronic (with sensors).
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