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Our certified technicians perform ADAS calibration on all makes and models of vehicles.

ADAS Calibration

Our garage in Repentigny performs ADAS calibration, and serves Charlemagne, L’Assomption, Saint-Sulpice and Terrebonne.

What is the ADAS system?

It is a driving assistance system based on a multitude of information. Among these assistance systems are the following: blind spot detectors (BSM), line departure assistants (LKA), collision detectors, intelligent speed controls (ICC or ACC) and many others. All of these systems refer to detectors, radar or optical sensors (cameras). Our certified technicians have the expertise and the specialized tools required to carry out the calibration of your systems. Do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment.
ADAS calibration Repentigny

When to perform your ADAS calibration?

ADAS calibration Terrebonne
Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) work with the use of a camera installed on the windshield and a radar installed at the front of the vehicle. ADAS calibration consists of bringing the systems back to the default factory settings when the sensors are displaced. This can occur when replacing the windshield, when replacing computers or sensors, or during repairs performed on the body of the vehicle.
    Repairs or adjustments done to the suspensions, to the shock absorbers or to the tires may also require calibration of the sensors linked to the ADAS systems. Without this ADAS calibration, your protection systems will no longer be functional, which can affect your safety.

Types of ADAS calibration performed

There are two types of ADAS calibration: static calibration and dynamic calibration. The type of calibration required can vary based on the make, model or year of the vehicle. Some vehicle makes can require a static calibration or a dynamic calibration, while other makes (such as Honda) need both types of calibration.
Static calibration is performed by using certain electronic devices along with a laser and targets specific to the model of each vehicle. Sensor positioning standards are set by the manufacturer. The technician places a target in the center of the vehicle (at a distance and height predetermined by the manufacturer) in a perpendicular manner to the thrust angle. The technician proceeds with the ADAS calibration using a specific software.
Dynamic calibration is performed with the help of a portable electronic device that is plugged into the vehicle’s OBD II port. The latter must be rolling and following lines drawn on the road. The vehicle sensors and the radar are the placed in learning mode in order to recalibrate their bearings. A diagnostic tool then allows is to perform the ADAS calibration.
When a malfunction indicator lights up on your dashboard, come and see us, our goal is to bring your vehicle back to a pleasant, efficient, ecological, economical and safe driving mode!
ADAS calibration St-Sulpice

Contact us for your ADAS calibration

For more detailed information on our ADAS calibration services, we invite you to contact us at 450 654-6118. The Autopital in Repentigny serves the cities of Charlemagne, L’Assomption, Saint-Sulpice and Terrebonne, as well as all of the cities in the region!
ADAS calibration Charlemagne