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  • May to September
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Auto Electronics

Today’s vehicles are equipped with complex auto electronics that improve our driving experience and increase passenger safety and comfort. Since these systems are somewhat recent, many auto centres have not yet mastered the complexities of auto electronics. This is, however, not the case with L’Autopital de Repentigny Inc.! We are constantly developing our knowledge of auto electronics in order to assist our clients when they experience problems in this area.
Auto Électronics repair Repentigny

Computer Diagnostics

Auto Électronics repair Terrebonne
Many recent vehicles, including luxury cars and European vehicles, are equipped with an integrated diagnostics system. It allows mechanics to assess the vehicle’s condition by computer. L’Autopital de Repentigny Inc. conducts computer diagnostics on a regular basis—a service that is not offered in all auto centres.


L’Autopital de Repentigny Inc. checks and repairs all auto electronics and electrical systems, including:
  • Dashboard
  • Module programming
  • Navigation systems
  • Coded key programming
  • Control units
  • Roadside assistance systems
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Anti-skid systems
  • Transmission
  • Electric windows
  • Door locks
  • Etc.