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Auto Brakes

Before your vehicle is involved in an accident, have your auto brakes inspected by our mechanics. Impaired auto brakes can hinder your driving and compromise your safety. Therefore, it is important to keep your auto brakes in perfect condition and have them checked by professionals at least once every year, or as soon as you notice signs of wear.
In most cases, vehicle owners consult a mechanic when they sense a difference in the brake pedal’s resistance. For example, auto brakes might show signs of increased stiffness, or might offer less resistance. They might even release an unpleasant smell. Regardless of the cause, when it becomes increasingly difficult to bring your vehicle to a halt, it is important to act immediately before the situation gets worse.
Breaks repair Repentigny

Auto Brakes Inspection and Repair

Breaks repair Terrebonne
L’Autopital de Repentigny Inc. offers maintenance and repair services for disc brakes and drum brakes on many types of vehicles, such as cars, small trucks, motorhomes, etc. Our technicians perform visual inspections and computer diagnostics in order to verify all components of your auto brakes system. During our inspection, we check:


  • Pad thickness
  • Pad quality
  • Fluid quality
  • Electronic braking system
  • Tubes and pipes
  • Pressure
  • Etc.