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Tire Sale & Tire Installation

Needless to say that good quality tires are essential to a stable and pleasant driving experience. If your tires have run their course and need to be replaced, L’Autopital de Repentigny Inc. invites you to have a look at their wide range of new and used tires. Along with our tire sales, we provide tire installation and balancing services. We can also dispose of used tires.
Sale tire and installation Repentigny

Tire Sale

Sale tire and installation Terrebonne
L’Autopital de Repentigny Inc. sells new and used tires. New tire makes include Yokohama, Michelin, Toyo, and more. Our tires are known for their durability and performance, whether they are winter or summer tires. We sell tires of all sizes fit for cars, trucks, motorhomes, etc.

Tire Installation

    For increased safety, vehicle owners should consider installing winter tires before the first snowfall. It is not recommended to wait until the last minute to replace summer tires. Every winter tire installation at L’Autopital de Repentigny Inc. come with a balance and pressure check. The same applies to summer tire installation.

Winter tires

In winter, you need high-performance tires adapted to your vehicle. We offer the biggest name brand winter tires and our technicians will be able to advise you on the best choice based on your needs and budget. We sell new winter tires from the brands Yokohama, Michelin, Toyo and more which are renown internationally for their immense durability and solid grip on the road. These tires are offered in all sizes and can be used on cars, light trucks, SUVs, JEEPS, luxury cars, motorhomes, etc.
Our car garage also sells used winter tires from various makes and for all models of vehicles. If you are looking for a specific make and size of used winter tires, it will be our pleasure to provide you with them at a good price. You will not be disappointed by the excellent quality / price ratio of used winter tires for sale at our garage. We can also install and balance your tires, as well as check the tire pressure, program and reset your TPSM.
Sale tire and installation Charlemagne

Summer tires

Sale tire and installation St-Sulpice
Do you need to replace your old summer tires? L’Autopital de Repentigny offers a wide range of new and used summer tires. We have the biggest brand names in stack, including Yokohama, Michelin and Toyo. These premium quality tires are offered in all sizes and can be installed on all makes of vehicles.
Our garage also sells used summer tires from all the known brands, at very competitive prices! Often times, used tires are almost equivalent in quality to new tires. Some owners buy a new car and their summer tires are still in excellent condition! By letting us know the make and size of used summer tires you are looking for, we can find you and excellent alternative to new tires.
    During the installation of your tires, we can also do the balancing, verify the tire pressure, reset and program your TPMS as well as inspect the steering and brakes.